Saturday, May 23, 2015

Preparing for the Next School Year

You might think I am crazy but the wheels are turning in my head to start planning for the next school year. At this time, May 23, 2015, Saturday, school has not even concluded for this school year. It is the Memorial Day weekend and we have one and a half weeks of school left. I still need to clean my classroom and complete the end of the school year tasks required by my school.

However, here I am sitting in front of my computer writing this blog and mentally planning out the curriculum overview for the next academic school year.  I canʻt help it. I find myself reflecting on how I taught this year and the student outcomes as a result of my teaching. I know I can do better and while I have this inspiration to make a change to my teaching practice I am going to take advantage of this motivation and run with it. I reflect on all of the professional development training that I took this year including my college courses. From Project GLAD to the Curriculum Evaluation course, my mind is spinning with new ideas that I want to implement in my classroom in this upcoming year.

I also think of the physical changes that I need to make in my room. From labels to furniture arrangement, I think about what I could do better in my classroom. It will be a busy summer for me as I will start the process of curriculum planning for the next year, arranging my classroom, and learning about new methods that will help my students learn. In between all of these activities, I will also take time to rejuvenate. But who am I kidding? My personality requires me to keep doing things ahead of time since I donʻt want to get slammed when the school year starts. With taking graduate courses and working full time during the school year, I need to make sure that I spend my time wisely and prepare ahead of time so I can help alleviate the stress that occurs during this time.

I will miss my third grade students but I know they need to move onto fourth grade. All of them have made improvements throughout the year. I hope I did my job in closing the achievement gap as they strive to meet the grade level standards. I made mistakes this school year and I have grown from these mistakes. Each year brings me to become a better teacher and a person.  


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